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AZ-P1 Special

AZ-P1 Special (Optics Ready, Major) is giving us even better accuracy and speed, its tuned trigger is a big step forwards. Thanks to manufacturing process, there are not almost any plays between the components and it is giving us extreme accuracy, predictability and also longevity. Thanks to the modularity of our pistols, everyone will do well with it. The pistol is ready for competions out of the box. This AZ-P1 pistol meets the requirements of the IPSC and is approved to the open category.
Colour version
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Key features
  • tuned trigger mechanism, point trigger with minimal reset and short trigger path
  • 2-3mm, preset trigger pull weight approx: SA-0.8KG
  • new type of adjusting the trigger up to 9mm to the front and back according to the lenght of the finger, possibility of changing the trigger tab  
  • compensator mounted on the pistol
  • threaded barrel
  • mounted magwell
  • lightened slide
  • excelent ergonomy of the frame, sticky surface finish, rough checkering in critic places
  • build in thumb rest as a slot for certain and defined grip
  • high modularity, changable grips, backstraps, safeties, magazine and slide catches, buffers, triggers,..
  • possibility to choice from 3 color variations- green frame (production), black and silver as a reguest- possibility to choice caliber 9x19(standard)
  • red-dot mounting plates available for Trijicon footprint, Vortex/Meored footprint, Shield footprint
  • High quality and exclusively CNC machined full steel/AL construction
  • Sport front sight and adjustable rear sight ZENDL
  • High quality magazines from italian company S.F. Meccanicca with basepad for 20 rounds
  • disassembling pin stays in the frame, thaks to that is thedisassembling and assembling of the pistol much easier
  • high quality, bull barrel made by the same method as a sniper rifle barrels
  • locking of the slide by barrel to a ejection port by a huge locking nub/tooth
  • perfect surface finish ARCOR, the components are slick and are abrassion resintant
  • ambidextrous controls, perfect accuracy, long lifetime, maximum reliability,
  • adjustable trigger mechanism - pretravel, break, overtravel, reset
  • ambidextrous and large safeties serving as a support while shooting
  • possibility to use the gun without grips, in the case of small-handed shooter
  • groovings on the frame for a firm grip- roughened backstraps and grips with groovings for a firm grip

Calibre     9x19

Overall lenght [mm] 270

Overall height [mm] 155

Width [mm] 45

Weight with an empty magazine [g] (empty magazine 105 g) 1245

Barrel lenght [mm] 139

Amount of barrel grooves 6

Rifing twist 250mm pravý

Sight radius [mm] 176

Magazine capacity 20 rounds

Frame material light alloy

Trigger mechanism SA with manual safety


Standardní balení obsahuje:

  • durable plastic case with the option to use a lock
  • AZ-P1 Super pistol with inserted magazine for 20 rounds, one extra magazine for 20 rounds
  • Allen key for grips, Allen key for the rear sight and trigger
  • brush and bore cleaning rod
  • user manual, warranty list
  • does not include optic- possibility of purchasing the red dot mounts for variety of collimators - Holosun, Viper, Trijicon, Shield